Sunday, May 3, 2015


Okay so the usual essay is entitled "How I Spent my Summer," but I decided to be proactive here. I figure if I put this down on paper (blog screen?), then I will feel compelled to follow through... which is a good thing because I hope to spend my summer hopping the ferry to the beach on Fire Island. 

And so, I thought I would tell you about one of the most charming parts of spending the summers at Fire Island: there are no cars. The mode en vogue of transportation is instead "pedal power."  Since Fire Island is only about a half mile wide from the bay side to the ocean, it is just so charming to walk or bike everywhere, especially since there are no roads.... only boardwalks. 

Fire Rescue "Truck"

The sign on the handle bars is real. Even the local veterinarian has his own bike. And to walk back from town (we are talking teeny weeny town here), with your groceries, you can bring along your little red wagon.  

This is the parking outside a favorite local restaurant. The food and wine are excellent. Just be careful driving home. Especially if you are biking with your beach chair.

Everyone should bring their dog to the beach!
Right now it's about 60 degrees out, but my goal is to write at least one blog this summer on flip flops and toes in the sand! So hold me to it. I can't wait to "get away from it all" and show you "What I Did this Summer!"

Until next time... Sharon


Anne's Attic - Design said...

Looks like a fun place to pass the summer, and I love the do sign! :) Jo

sharon staudigel said...

Thank you Jo. So nice to hear from you. I'll show you more of Fire Island as soon as my toes are in the sand!

gardenmatrial said...

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