Saturday, December 20, 2014

...and a Margarita or Two

It has been 18 years since I first met my friend Lisa. I know this because when we met, I was round rolly polly pregnant with Katherine and Jonathan, who are now 18.  Lisa was round and pregnant with Catherine, but not as round as me. I won the round contest. After I gave birth, and lost a little "water weight," she said, "wow, your face isn't round." I still laugh.

My teacup music box. A gift from Lisa

We would drink tea together and she would knit. She tried to teach me to knit. I couldn't talk and count stitches at the same time. She could. I knew then that she was amazing.

 We had a lot in common. Our birthdays are three days apart. We are both only children. We are both writers. And we lived behind each other. We would walk to each others' houses, and sit on the floor with all three of our babies, her two year old,  and our two dogs. Her dog was white and furry, mine was black and furry. I could never figure out why my babies were always covered with fur and spit up, and hers were always clean.

Katherine's baby hat

I relied on Lisa a lot.  For instance, people asked us what we fed our babies. She would say Healthy Brand baby food. I would say, "Me too." They would say, "What baby doctor do you use?" She would say, "Dr. Good." I would say, "Me too. I'm too tired to think, so I just do whatever she does."

One day when our babies were a few months old, I whined, "Are they ever going to SLEEP?" She said, "Here, read this book."   "Read???" I asked. "I can't even open my eyes." She said, "It's organized by age. You just have to read the first chapter." Within a week my babies were sleeping for way more than 20 minutes at a clip. Best book I ever read. Leave me a comment if you want the title. 

Once when were trying to remember how to do something besides raise babies, we decided to get away with a group of girlfriends. That was a very good weekend. Lisa won the "sexiest feet" contest. Don't get the wrong idea. It was a G-rated contest.  But it was a very, very good weekend. Did I mention that Lisa was the one who introduced me to Margaritas?

Now our babies are off  to college. Much has ensued since then. Two divorces and two new beaus,
She didn't really give me this

one more baby,  two new homes...
Several milestone birthdays... we both stopped counting... She moved away but was nice enough not to go too far.

This weekend we will get together for another milestone birthday (no I am not telling). We will see each other with our new and our old all combined. And we will pick up exactly where we left off, because we always do.

My father always said to me you are lucky if you have one or two really good friends in life. He was right.
 She  still has a white dog (actually two now), and I still have a furry black one.


Down Raspberry Lane said...

You are both lucky women to have such a friend, but you sound like you already know that. Happy birthday to you both, and never let this friendship die.

Brenda said...

What is the name of the book? My daughter desperately needs it. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful and lucky you both are to have each other. Only children make THE very best friends.
Yes please I would love to know the name of the book which helped your babies to sleep.

Chris Bergsma said...

Grandbaby #1 due any moment - please share the title mentioned for my sweet daughter in law.

Chris Bergsma said...

Grandbaby #1 due any minute :) Please do share the title of the book mentioned in your blog so #1s parents can catch sleep.
Thank you!

sharon staudigel said...

The name of the book is
Helping Your Child Sleep Through the Night