Sunday, December 14, 2014

...and a great birthday present.

These antique grainsacks are some of my favorites. The color and style of the stripe was use to identify the farm to which the grain belonged. This must have been a very festive farm!

Antique grainsacks are a great way to decorate for the holidays: I use them as table runners or slide them over chair backs.

Gina sewed a few into festive Christmas pillows for me. Of course we added a little bling.

A pour spout was used to pour out the grain. While not all authentic grainsacks have these, if they do, it can be a hint that the grainsack is indeed authentic and not a "repro."


Christmas is a great time to combine the rustic texture of a grainsack with a little holiday sparkle.

On a more personal note, today is my birthday (I'm 39 again. I've been 39 a LOT). Yesterday, my baby found out she got into two colleges! What a great birthday present for me. I am going to miss her so much  but I am so excited and proud. Congratulations Katherine!!! You ARE a rock star! Love, mom

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