Monday, November 17, 2014


I'm loving orange lately. Not just any orange but that super saturated, rich type of hot, hot orange.  

Hot orange silk
I am using this hot orange color in my own home as well as my clients' homes this Autumn. I like to add accents of it in pillows and throws, so that in winter I can change to a cinnamon red. Those small accents can change the entire dynamic of a room.

GP & J Baker Waterford Damask

Now normally my home is very neutral.  When I was choosing paint colors, Tim would ask me which shade of off-white I was going to use. Neutrals and white make me feel relaxed. But now that Fall is here, I am adding accents of this glowing orange, and it makes me feel warm inside when it's raining and 40 degrees.

I made the Autumn sign in the back from a piece of French silk, If you would like something similar, just send me a comment, or go on and send me a message. 

Have you ever read Frederick by Leo Lionni? I think I am like Frederick. He's a mouse who collects colors and stores them for the winter.  I am storing up hot orange for the winter.
"I gather sun rays for the cold dark winter days," says Frederick.

Hold on to this, and revisit it in February. 

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