Saturday, October 11, 2014


Pumpkin picking has been a tradition in our little family ever since my pumpkins were old enough to walk. My pumpkins were two round headed babies who were born just after Halloween. When they were too little to protest, I would dress them up in Halloween pumpkins suits to go Trick or Treating. One Rolly Polly nick name lead to another and ever since they have been "my pumpkins." My daughter is still "my Pumpkin Princess."

We have never missed a year of pumpkin picking, and this year, as they approach 18 years old, my daughter and I spent a wonderful day finding the roundest, most perfect pumpkin and holding hands in a farm field. I didn't ask my son... I thought he was too "cool." Later he wanted to know why he wasn't invited. I know he was kidding. Sort of.

Half way through our farm-filled day, I realized this time next year my Pumpkin Princess will be at some far away college and won't be here to Pumpkin Pick. While I am so happy for her, deep down I am sad.

 I am so excited for them to dive head first into whatever excites them, and do what they love, not what they "should" do. But, I also might just secretly be dreading the day when both my Pumpkins walk out of our door and on to newer things.

And so, to comfort myself  and keep from being too lonely when they are gone, I did what some said I shouldn't do, and got myself a new little "Pumpkin."

I think sometimes as women and moms, we get used to playing it safe and doing what we are "supposed to" do. I am looking at this next part of my life as a chance to do all that I want so I can look back someday and say, "no regrets." So, here's to quiting your job, learning to ride, opening your own business, being strapped for cash and just as you have your freedom, getting a puppy. Please welcome Ella to our family.

To Lisa, my dear friend. Together we have been through  "supposed to's,"  risky leaps, and "way off the beaten paths."  You are the  Mai Tai to my Ella. May we always travel through life's "are you crazy??" moments together.

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