Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I found this pair of antique iron flower pots a long time ago. I just love the French Rococo design on the front. I brought them to a show, but they didn't sell. Yippee! 

The summer flowers on my deck needed a little help. I love gardening in beds, but my pots always seem to dry out too quickly. So, I went with Barb's great idea and found some succulents and arid loving plants for my pots. 

Dusty miller is such a fabulous beachy blue gray. I have to find that exact color and paint a wall with it soon. Just look at how the Rosemary and the purple flowers work so well with the blue gray. Can't you just see this sitting on a beach front deck? I feel like I am at the ocean beach just standing in the summer sand.

These white washed French Provincial style planters have just the right amount of rust... I mean "patina."

I brought a few blooms indoors to enjoy. And when my hydrangea dry out, they still look just as colorful.

I hope you have some time today to smell the flowers

Happy Birthday, Barb!!! 

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