Friday, August 29, 2014


 Last weekend I decided on a little "me time." Sometimes I like a little time not to hear any voices telling me they need me to do something. Every time I see the sign that says "Farmers Market this weekend" I feel a twinge of nostalgia for all the farms and farmstands where I used to live on Long Island's North Fork. So I decided to treat myself to a little "me time" and a trip to the outdoor market.

I also treated myself to some cherry preserves. Yum! All the vendors are local farmers. That's good... it means I can get more when I finish this.

Okay now I just feel like I am in Provence, or Paris. I am all in! Bon Appetite.

I just finished reading Julia Child's My Life in France. I love that woman for so many reasons. I love that she loved France and the French people, and I love her Joie de Vivre, and mostly I love her perserverance. I have been trying to put myself and my business out there for the world to see. Sometimes that means getting hit in the face with rejection. Julia never let that keep her down for long. She's such a great inspiration.

I set up a pretty desk in my living room. This fresh bouquet of zinnias is going to add the perfect feminine touch. Armed with my cup of coffee I am going to get right back to work! That's what Julia would have done.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I found this pair of antique iron flower pots a long time ago. I just love the French Rococo design on the front. I brought them to a show, but they didn't sell. Yippee! 

The summer flowers on my deck needed a little help. I love gardening in beds, but my pots always seem to dry out too quickly. So, I went with Barb's great idea and found some succulents and arid loving plants for my pots. 

Dusty miller is such a fabulous beachy blue gray. I have to find that exact color and paint a wall with it soon. Just look at how the Rosemary and the purple flowers work so well with the blue gray. Can't you just see this sitting on a beach front deck? I feel like I am at the ocean beach just standing in the summer sand.

These white washed French Provincial style planters have just the right amount of rust... I mean "patina."

I brought a few blooms indoors to enjoy. And when my hydrangea dry out, they still look just as colorful.

I hope you have some time today to smell the flowers

Happy Birthday, Barb!!! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The light shines through my big picture window in the morning, and I love the way it highlights the silver threads on my new linen pillows. The gray-blue painted wood is my antique Swedish Gustavian bench with a harp motif. These Swedish antiques were more country provincial than polished city pieces. So, they fit perfectly in my living room.

 The challenging part of creating a neutral color palette is exercising restraint. I am from New York...I am not normally a restrained person, lol. But a neutral color palette is so beautiful and soothing, and it's such a French provincial look. If I could, I would live in a stone home built in 1400. But we don't have too many of those here in New York. Someday, I will live in France!

I am aiming to achieve a totally neutral palette in most of my home. To keep this from being boring, I am combining many different textures. There's the silvery shiny threads, the soft uneven feel of the linen, and the super chippy paint that you can see on the little pots. I think I will find some air ferns to go in these pots. A little green from live plants doesn't spoil my neutral theme... I think it will enhance it.

Do you see how beautifully the light reflects on the silver and  linen? Every girl needs just a little sparkle to keep her farmhouse shining.
I would love to know how you've added a little bling to your neutral this week. Your comments are my favorite part so please keep them coming. I hope you have a beautiful day.