Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is one of my all time favorite pillow pairs. I call this my Paris meets Texas cowgirl look. It started with an antique German Grain sack dating from 1889. 

The German grain sacks coordinate so beautifully with the antique European Duvets that are stacked in the back. Some of our European duvets are virtually unused even though they date from the turn of the last century. I love placing them on top of a bed, or on my couch to cuddle up in.

My Paris part is the "bling" I added around the edges. I just love the girliness of the dangly crystal beads.

The other pillow of the pair adds the Texas cowgirl part... Distressed leather buckles. The black leather is all vintage. It is super buttery soft. 

Do you see the patch on the bottom? You can tell this is an original patch because it is stitched from the inside of the sack, not the outside.
I know I promised you a follow-up to my piece on antique German grain sacks. That will come next post. And, I also told you I had some news.... I am in the process of acquiring a home to renovate. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this all works out. If it does, I will be bringing you plenty of before, during and after photos. It should be lots of fun...


Kate said...

Got the duvet and it is beautiful! I will do my best to get some good pics with the little ones. Congrats on the renovation home. Please send pics as soon as you can. How old is it? What style? Where, county or city? How exciting! To see our before moving in pics google my address and there are several sites with the pics. Please let me know any ideas on how to lighten up the kitchen. The black tile backsplash is a bit dark for me.

sharon staudigel said...

Hi Kate! I am so glad you love the antique duvet!! I can't wait to see it on your couch!
I will surely help you with your kitchen dilemma. I'll take a look this weekend:)

sharon staudigel said...

Hi Kate,
I finally figured out how to see your kitchen. Replacing the backsplash would be a perfect way to lighten your kitchen. What would you think of a soft version of a subway tile... perhaps a white washed brick? There is such a thing as "thin brick". It is real brick, not a veneer but it is thinner so it can be easily used for a backsplash. I'll post some pictures for all our viewers this week!